Play Theory

BHN is a play-based, child-centered, experiential environment.

The idea of play theory involves a large body of contemporary research which promotes play as the primary learning method for young children. Research basically illuminates the understanding that humans, at all ages, learn beautifully through play and experimentation. Children who are given the space to play, act out alternatives, dream big and laugh, with the loving guidance of adults, can become globally aware, life long learners who contribute to sustaining our planet and humankind. We believe in play for a number of reasons and we will introduce some of the research that we’ve found to deepen our philosophy.

Play theory involves…
- Allowing children their right to play
- Taking children seriously
- Developing emergent curriculum collaboratively with children
- A belief that the arts, music and performance enhance the health of a child
- Children are integrated and complex beings, with many parts that need to be fostered and engaged

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